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High Rise Building Maintenance


Many instances of high rise building maintenance (particularly in aging buildings) occur in the most inconvenient of places, away from fixed access systems, ladders, or walkways.

Rope access offers a means of accessing and repairing these hard to reach items cost-effectively, with minimal disruption to building users.
Typical services could include patch paint repairs, concrete repairs, sealant application, steelwork cleaning in atriums or shopping centers, electrical testing, and lighting repairs.

By utilizing rope access, JC International has the advantage of being able to provide access at a fraction of the cost of more traditional forms of access. Also, because of the versatility of rope access, there are very few places on a building/structure that cannot be accessed.

Jobs that have been put on a “back seat” because they are too4xpensive or too disruptive are now extremely viable. When necessary, works can be carried out during silent hours to minimize disruption to the customer’s premises.
Services include:


  • Fitting bird deterrent
  • Mastic repair
  •  Atrium maintenance
  • Localized concrete repairs
  •  Painting
  • Removal of dangerous masonry
  • Hanging signage
  • Lagging
  • Telecom removal & installations
  • Cleaning of windows, walls, and atrium.


We have over 7 teams of IRATA Qualified rope access technicians who have several years of building maintenances experiences on ropes at different high rise building maintenance projects. A team comprises of three men of RATA certified levels 1, 2, and 3 who are conversant with IRATA codes of practice for workplace safety and housekeeping.

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JC International provides World Class specialist Asset Integrity Assurance and Training services throughout the Asset life-cycle.

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JC International provides World Class specialist Asset Integrity Assurance & Training services throughout the Asset life-cycle