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3 Colour Codes Applied During Lifting Equipment Inspection

3 Colour Codes Applied During Lifting Equipment Inspection

  They say “Information is Power”. But as powerful as this sounds, it becomes cliché and we are yet to grasp just how powerful we can become by getting the right information.   A quick look at our previous blog posts shows you how informative and educative our posts are. We aren’t short of feeding

How to use Rope Slings Safely

  USING WIRE ROPE SLINGS SAFELY   Wire rope slings are important lifting accessories used in lifting operations. They are commonly used across different industries especially when rigging a load. Care and safe use of wire rope slings is an absolute necessity to ensure maintenance.   Here are 11 main points for the safe use of
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How to inspect Lifting Shackles

  11 WAYS TO INSPECT LIFTING SHACKLES   Shackles are important lifting accessories that are basically used to connect load to lifting appliances. Hence, a thorough inspection is often required to ascertain the integrity of shackles. Below is a step by step process to conducting a thorough examination of shackles. Assess documentation such as declaration

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