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Safety and Health Training

7 Benefits of health and safety Training for your organization.

‘Safety first’.

It is not enough to just echo or write it down; we must practice it as individuals and organizations. The health and safety of employees in the workplace is crucial because accidents usually occur without warning. Hence, employees must always be alert and prepared. The best way to prepare employees is by equipping them with some health and safety (HSE) courses like; Basic/advanced firefighting, first aid/CPR, fall protection, managing safely, working at height rescue, confined space entry and rescue, to mention a few. 

Implementing comprehensive health and safety training programs has proven to have many benefits for employees and their organizations. 

Benefits of Health and Safety Trainings in the Workplace. 

Here are seven (7) benefits of health and safety trainings in the workplace: 

1. Promotes a Positive Health and Safety Culture:

Regular health and safety training (HSE) will help embed a culture within the organization where employees are always safe. HSE training will expose the employees to the importance of safety. Thus, employees will naturally adopt safer practices and be more proactive about potential hazards. Gradually, it becomes an integral part of the organizational culture.  

Health and safety course HSE Basic first aid
Basic first aid training

2. Improved Emergency Response:

HSE training will make an organization’s workforce active and prepared in case of emergencies. Basic first aid training will enable employees know the right course of action to take if someone is Injured. It also teaches them to be more health conscious. Their knowledge can help arrest a situation and prevent its deterioration. The Basic/Advanced Firefighting training can prepare and equip employees with the knowledge on how to handle fire emergencies and use the fire extinguisher effectively.  

3. Reduce Workplace Accidents and Injuries:

One of the most immediate benefits of health and safety training is the reduction of workplace accidents and injuries.  Courses like Fall protection teach individuals how to properly use safety equipment to prevent falls. Confined space entry and rescue courses also educate and expose individuals to efficient ways of managing the risks associated with working in confined spaces. These courses and others encourage employees to follow safety protocols, significantly minimizing the risk of incidents. 

4. Ensures compliance with legal requirements:

Every industry is expected to adhere to health and safety regulations. Constant training ensures that organizations remain compliant with these laws, avoiding legal repercussions and potential fines. Statutorily, organizations are meant to comply with health and safety laws, as failure to do so may attract fines for non-compliance. Organizations must stay up-to-date with requirements through these HSE courses, as it demonstrates a commitment to legal and ethical standards.  

5. Enhances the Reputation of the Company:

A company renowned for prioritizing the health and safety of its employees will attract and retain a better workforce. It shows the company’s commitment to the safety and well-being of its employees, which can lead to overall job satisfaction. As an organization, a good record of health and safety compliance and excellence can cause the organization to stand out and become preferred among others in the same sector. 

Health and safety course Fall protection
Fall Protection Training

6. Increase Productivity:

Unarguably, less downtime can have a positive impact on the organization leading to higher productivity, among other things. Employees can remain focused and carry out their duties when they are sure that all safety measures are adhered to, increasing productivity. 

7. Eliminates Accident Cost:

Workplace injuries can become a financial burden for the organization. Medical expenses, compensation claims, and losses incurred due to downtime, etc., can cost the organization a lot of money. Organizations can eliminate additional costs from accidents and injuries to their employees, by encouraging health, safety, and environment (HSE) training. 

Investing in health and safety training is not just about compliance, it’s about creating a thriving, safe, and productive workplace. 

JC International, an ISO certified organization with accreditations such as IOSH, IADC, etc., offers numerous health, safety and environment (HSE) courses in Port Harcourt and Lagos that will be beneficial to individuals and organizations.  

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