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7 Categories of Crane Inspection you should know

Cranes used in active service ought to be inspected quarterly. For cranes in traditional and serious service, a Periodic review ought to embody checking for: distorted, cracked or unsound members. Loose bolts or rivets. Cracked or worn sheaves and drums.

According to codes, standards, legal requirement, and industry best practices, the following inspections may be applicable:

  1. First Inspection
  2. Daily Inspection
  • Frequent Inspection
  1. Periodic Inspection
  2. Exceptional Inspection
  3. Major Inspection
  1. First Inspection

The first inspection is required following the installation/commissioning of a new crane or where an existing crane has been relocated and installed in a new location.

NOTE   Crane inspection carried out by a Competent Person/Lifting Equipment Examiner


  1. Daily Inspection

This inspection (shall include function tests of the cranes’ safety devices) is required before the commencement of each lifting operation. This inspection is done for corrections of maladjustments, correction of deterioration or leakages in lines, valves and other part of the machine.

NOTE   Crane inspection carried out by crane operator.

  1. Frequent Inspection

This inspection frequency shall be based on the age of the crane, frequency, and severity of use while in service. It shall also align with the manufacturer’s routine maintenance regime or other maintenance routine established by the duty holder at no more than three-monthly intervals and shall include every aspect of functional/daily test inspection.

NOTE   Crane inspection carried out by crane maintainer/operator

  1. Periodic Inspection

This program of crane periodic inspection shall be based on the frequency of use and the working environment. For all cranes that remains in service, inspection interval shall not exceed 12 months. Where the crane is designed and certified for lifting persons, inspection interval shall not exceed 6 months.


NOTE   Crane inspection carried out by a Competent Person/Lifting Equipment Examiner with a written report of thorough examination issued.

  1. Exceptional Inspection.

Exceptional inspection shall be performed following exceptional circumstances:

  1. Circumstances which may have resulted in damage to the crane such as –
    1. Extreme weather
    2. Overload
  • Collision with other structures.
  1. Following a repair or major modification of critical components such as –
    1. Mechanical – hoisting and slewing brake systems
    2. Structural – boom section, foot pins, fasteners, pedestal
    3. Rigging – hook blocks.

NOTE   Crane inspection carried out by crane maintainer/competent engineer/inspector

  1. Major Inspection

Crane inspection shall be performed where:

  1. Crane is approaching its designed duty or where there is a requirement for ageing and life extension of the crane.
  2. Where crane is to be re-commissioned or imported and where records of maintenance and inspections are not available.

This inspection shall focus on a detailed examination of all safety critical components identified by the manufacturer or operator’s maintenance strategy document and where necessary, the crane shall be stripped down to allow a complete and thorough inspection.

NOTE Crane inspection carried out by an expert examiner.

The Solution

Due to the challenges of crane inspection and most of all, the result of not keeping to the inspection requirements, it is extremely vital that attention is given to the selection of a Competent Person/Authority and that the qualification, experience and track record of the provider is considered.


At JC International, crane inspections are performed by experienced and qualified crane inspectors with sufficient skill and knowledge in the field of cranes and familiar also with relevant codes, standards, and regulations.

Our focus is to provide a world-class service to ensure that our clients as duty holders, can use their cranes safely and cost-effectively whilst also demonstrating compliance with national and international regulations.


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