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HP & UHP Water Jetting


JC International operates a fleet of jetting machines with discharge pressures adjustable up to 4000 psi to remove both constructions as well as production contamination build up and leave the system surface clean for the next operation or treatment.


Water jetting is an effective method of removing contamination from the internal and external surfaces of any system or structure.
The benefit of water jetting over grit blasting is the greatly reduced waste volumes generated. The water is recycled, used throughout the operation, and can then be evaporated, leaving only the system solid contamination to be removed from the site.
Cold cutting of concrete and steel is also possible using our highest pressure units in combination with an abrasive fluid additive. These operations have been used effectively for many system decommissioning projects where the heat and spark potential from other cutting techniques provide safety concerns.

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JC International provides World Class specialist Asset Integrity Assurance and Training services throughout the Asset life-cycle.

We service a wide range of markets including Oil and Gas, Marine, Construction, and Real Estate. With a broad range of services available through our multi-skilled workforce, we offer our clients the most effective, integrated, packaged solution to any of their asset integrity problems.

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JC International provides World Class specialist Asset Integrity Assurance & Training services throughout the Asset life-cycle