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Drill Pipes Inspection


Our state of the art EMI units are dual-function units with Hall Effect sensors. As they are all mobile units our
inspection technicians are able to move units to different drilling rigs and other work locations at short notice.


We inspect new and used drill pipes using the latest techniques, and top-of-the-line equipment. Our professional inspectors follow industry standard guidelines, are certified in accordance with industry-specific standards and follow documented Standard Operating Procedures


Upon completion of inspection, customers receive full detailed inspection reports completed by our inspectors while soft copies are web stored. Unique password and user name are made available to
customers for ease of access to inspection reports as part of the inspection package.

Our Awards and Certifications

JC International provides World Class specialist Asset Integrity Assurance and Training services throughout the Asset life-cycle.

We service a wide range of markets including Oil and Gas, Marine, Construction, and Real Estate. With a broad range of services available through our multi-skilled workforce, we offer our clients the most effective, integrated, packaged solution to any of their asset integrity problems.

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JC International provides World Class specialist Asset Integrity Assurance & Training services throughout the Asset life-cycle