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As the West African leader in Oil and Gas training programs, we are fully accredited by both International and National Professional Associations to offer an unrivaled training experience to personnel in the Oil and gas, Marine and Construction Industries.

By consistently delivering professional training programs that have helped organizations enhance the competency of their workforce, JC International has established a reputation as West Africa’s most reputable and reliable Oil and Gas training service provider, which has earned us numerous awards and recommendations from IOCs and NOCs.

JC International Training Classroom


With over 20 years of professional experience, our instructors have successfully trained and assessed over 25,000 delegates and are well equipped with sufficient practical knowledge and technical capability to train and certify delegates in accordance with approved standard practices.

Explore Our Extensive Suite Of Training Courses

 All Our training courses are accredited by relevant regulators and professional trade associations such as NUPRC, OGTAN, LEEA, OPITO, IRATA, IWCF, IADC, NPORS, among others, and is conducted in compliance with the rules established by awarding bodies and accepted standards of conduct.


JC International’s highly sought after IRATA Accredited Rope Access Training Course(Level I-III) is a comprehensive training program designed to provide technicians with the knowledge and skills necessary to safely and effectively perform operations such as inspection, DROPS survey, cleaning, repair, blasting, painting, welding, installation and maintenance services at difficult-to-reach- heights and areas.

JC Training Oil and Gas

Ongoing Rope Access training in our Port Harcourt Rope Access facility, Rivers State.


JC International is an OPITO Approved training provider, accredited to deliver both Banksman & Slinger and Riggers trainings. Our highly skilled, experienced, and competent instructors ensure the rigging theory and practical assessments are delivered in accordance with OPITO standards for industry best practice.

We provide professional Banksman and Slinger training to ensure that crane and slinging operations are carried out safely in other to avoid workplace accidents in compliance with OPITO requirements.


OPITO Banksman and Rigger Training in Port Harcourt


JCI’s NDT (Non-Destructive Testing) Training is the perfect course for individuals and organizations looking to advance their skills in non-destructive testing techniques. We develop candidates to be competent NDT technicians at different levels of NDT Methods. Under these programs, we provide in depth training  and certify candidates in compliance with SNT-TC-1A or BS EN ISO 9712.

We offer a range of NDT courses include but not limited to Ultrasonic Testing, Magnetic Particle Inspection, Radiographic Testing, Liquid Penetrant Inspection, and Eddy Current Testing.

Ultrasonic and Magnetic Particle Inspection Training


Lifting Operations Training at JC International empowers individuals and organizations in the Oil and Gas, Marine, and Construction industries with skills required to carry out even the most critical lifting operations with utmost care and attention to workplace safety.

Our courses are accredited by NUPRC, NPORS, IADC-DIT, OPITO, LEEA and are available to both novice and experienced operators. They are designed to provide the knowledge, skills, and qualifications required to perform lifting roles safely and effectively.


Lifting Operations training


Our range of IWCF and IADC accredited Drilling Courses have continually been at the forefront of enhancing regulatory compliance within the drilling industry.

We offer all levels of role-specific training. Our facility boasts of state-of-the-art simulators that enable our students to gain invaluable hands-on experience in a safe and conducive environment.

Our program ensures that the training requirement for either aspiring or experienced Derick men, Mud loggers, Mud engineers, Assistant Drillers, Drillers, Drilling Engineers, Drilling Superintendent, Rig Managers, Drilling Managers, Tool Pushers, and Offshore Installation Managers hits the mark.

JC Training Oil and Gas

JC Training Oil and Gas



 The Employability skills program at JC International is designed for fresh graduates, and non-graduates who intend to start or build a career in the oil & gas, marine, and construction industries.

By attending this program, you can become a Drilling Engineer, Rigger, Blaster, Painter, Scaffolder, Rope Access Technician, Welder and so much more.

Health and Safety

JC Training center offers a comprehensive range of Health & Safety training courses designed to equip individuals and organizations with the knowledge and techniques needed to maintain a safe and compliant workplace.

We are renowned for offering bespoke HSE training solutions to organizations and Individuals.

At JC International, we are passionately focused on equipping personnel so they can fulfill their potential and be more confident in their job role in order to maximize their career opportunities. Ultimately we aim to make the Oil and gas, Marine and Construction industry safer, smarter, and more efficient by offering expert training services.

Registration into our training institute  is ongoing and you wouldn’t want to miss out. Kindly get in touch with us on 08056599659 or to enroll or  visit our website to browse through our array of training courses. Click here to view our 2023 training schedule.

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