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JC International is an OPITO-approved training center, accredited to deliver professional  OPITO Riggers training in Lagos and Port Harcourt.

Our highly skilled, experienced, and competent instructors/assessors ensure we deliver the rigger training and practical assessments in accordance with OPITO’s standard.

The OPITO Riggers training course is designed to provide learners with the required knowledge and understanding of relevant legislation and provide them with the skills and techniques used during lifting operations and the correct and safe use of equipment.

To become an OPITO certified and competent rigger, an individual must complete training in an approved training center where they can learn the roles and responsibilities of the position and the proper knowledge of selection of lifting equipment, hand signals and audible signals, crane operations, the fundamentals of rigging, load handling, legislation, and other environmental factors. 

The Four Key Stages in Achieving Rigger Competency Through Training


Stage 1- Initial Training 


Delegate Prerequisite – No previous experience is required 

Course Objectives 

The aim and objectives of the OPITO Initial Training Programme is to provide the learner with knowledge of rigging principles, general hazards and risks of rigging and lifting operations, an awareness of relevant legislation and regulations, and an opportunity to practice basic rigging operations following a lifting plan. 

Target Group For Stage 1

The target group for Stage 1 is personnel who have had little or no training and experience in rigging and lifting operations and wish to gain an OPITO Rigger Training Certificate by completing the OPITO-approved Initial Training Course for riggers in the oil and gas industry.

Certificate Awarded: Delegates will be awarded an OPITO Stage-1 Training Certificate [valid for 2 years] and can progress to Stage-2.

Stage 2 – Supervised Workplace Experience

Delegate Prerequisite: OPITO  Stage 1 Rigger Training Certificate

In this stage, candidates are expected to complete a series of supervised tasks in order to gain relevant work experience. They are detailed as follows

  • Fully completed logbook of Stage-2 tasks (to be completed within 2 years of gaining a Stage-1 Certificate)
  •  Each task must be signed and dated by: (a) A competent witness, and (b) A task supervisor 
  • The Stage-2 Logbook must also be signed by a senior employer representative on completion of all the tasks – while working for that particular employer. 

Note: If the candidate Rigger changes employers, he or she will require a further signature from a senior representative of the new company. 

Target Group for Stage 2 

The target group for Stage 2 are personnel that have successfully completed OPITO Stage 1 Initial Rigger Training and wish to gain the relevant supervised workplace experience that would enable them to undertake the OPITO Rigger competence assessment. 

Certificate Awarded: No Certificate awarded. The Candidate will only become eligible to take the Stage-3 Competence Assessment within 2 years of being awarded the Stage-1 Training Certificate.

Competence Assessment

Learner pre-requisites: A valid OPITO-approved Rigger Initial Training Certificate and a fully completed valid OPITO Rigger Workplace Experience Logbook. 

The aim and objectives of the OPITO Rigger competence assessment are to establish that the learner has the required underpinning knowledge, understanding, and practical skills to fulfil the role of Rigger safely and effectively.

For the learner to become eligible to take the OPITO Rigger Competence Assessment, a fully completed and valid Rigger Workplace Experience Logbook must be presented to the OPITO-approved Center that is conducting the assessment.

Target Group Rigger Competence Assessment 

The target group for Rigger Competence Assessment are personnel that wish to become OPITO-certified competent riggers – having successfully completed the OPITO Rigger Initial Training Standard and Rigger Workplace Experience Logbook or possess sufficient and relevant work experience to be eligible for the OPITO Rigger Competence assessment.

Certification Awarded: The candidate is awarded an OPITO Stage-3 Competence Certificate [valid for 2 years] deemed competent to undertake the Rigger role.

Competence Reassessment

 Prerequisites: Rigger Competence Assessment

The OPITO Rigger Re-assessment of competence specifies the re-assessment criteria for riggers who wish to maintain their OPITO competence certification. Successful learners will be awarded an OPITO certificate of competence and will be deemed competent to undertake the rigger role.

Target Group

The target group for Rigger competency reassessment are personnel that wish to renew their OPITO Rigger Competence or Rigger Competence reassessment certificates (two-year validity for each certificate).

Certificate Awarded: Personnel are awarded an OPITO Rigger Re assessment Competence Certificate (valid for 2 years).

With over 20 years of experience providing training services to individuals, organizations and professionals in the oil and gas, engineering, construction and marine industries, JC International is trusted in the industry to deliver high-quality assessment and training as JC International is an ISO 9001:2015 Quality Assured Company certified to provide professional training to the oil & gas, marine, and construction industry.

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