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BHA Inspection

Bottom Hole Assembly (BHA) inspection involves the inspection of drill collars, heavyweight drill pipe, cross subs, stabilizers, reamers, and bit subs. The equipment that is required for the BHA inspection includes magnetizing coil, black light, and various thread gauges. Inspection of the bottom hole assembly involves paying attention to the visual inspection of threads for mechanical damage. It also involves the wet fluorescent magnetic particle threads and other upset areas.


The BHA inspection is also concerned with the dimensional check of thread components as well as its thread profile together with the lead check of threads. This inspection is expected to conform to the API RPZ, NSI, and any other standards that are stipulated by the client that wants the inspection to be carried out. The inspection procedure is not rigid such that it poses difficulty to the authorized individuals that are expected to carry out the inspection procedure. The equipment that is used for the BHA inspection is mobile and it can be easily carried to the well site or the client’s yard. The flexibility of the equipment provides the comfort of use to the customers who do not encounter challenges or difficulties when they want to conduct the inspection. Together with the drill pipe and BHA inspection is sufficient to field reface rotary shouldered connections if there is a need.

If there is any minor damage to the seal area, it can be removed using refacing to set the limits. However, if there is any damage that is beyond the set limits, it should be taken to the shop repair. This inspection is necessary to monitor and control the damage that may be done in the oil and gas firm and to deliver the right type of result.


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