From the cleaning and removal of dirt and contamination to the application of specialist coatings, JC International provides the full range of Fabric Maintenance Services.

This often leads to seeing the need for touch-up, removal, and application of new coatings with any cleaning involved as well. Where coating failure has led to pipework corrosion, we offer complete spool replacement including NDT. pressure testing, coating, rigging, installation, and tightening where required.

Although these are normally taken by customers as a packaged solution, JC International can support customer needs with any service in isolation where that is required.e

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Welding & Fabrication

Our Welding and fabrication capability has grown from the remediation of defects we find during our inspection operations.

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Blasting & Painting

Working hand in hand with our coating inspectors, the JC International Blasting and Painting teams use...

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Insulation & Cladding

With much of our inspection work requiring the removal of vessel and pipe lagging, JC International have become accustomed ...

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Scaffolding & Access Solutions

JC International also provide scaffold training for our customer personnel at our training centers as well as at the work site

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Clean Spool Management

JC International provides the full suite of integrated services which are involved in the creation, testing, delivery, and ...

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Instrument Calibration

JC International can remove and replace instrumentation from the customer's system and check its calibration ...

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Hull Gauging

Calibration of pressure, temperature, flow, and load instruments can be performed within the JC International base...

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