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We require passionate & motivated individuals to join our team  

Human Capacity Management is our priority. The value of our business will depend on how well our financial capital and intellectual capital are managed by our human capital.

A career with JC International is more than a job; it is a privilege to be part of a team that strategically translates vision into opportunity through commitment to excellence.

At JC International, we believe in the most important asset in our operations –

Our People

We employ and retain the services of bright, passionate and hardworking industrial experts whose ideals conform to integrity, persistence and confidence.

Training of staff is a routine at JC International, as a career opportunity with us means you are part of a Nigerian organisation that operate in global standard.

Career progress is strictly performance driven and our people are very well motivated to work in a family atmosphere.

If you have interest in joining a world-class team, you can view our available positions to apply as follows

  • Internship programme
  • Graduate
  • Professionals
  • Expatriate

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