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Lifting Equipment Inspection Course


Lifting Equipment Inspection Course Details

This Lifting Equipment Inspection course is designed in compliance with LEEA (Lifting Equipment Engineers Association) Codes of Practice for Safe Use of Lifting Equipment to provide all users of lifting gears and responsible persons for in-service inspection of lifting equipment with thorough application of statutory requirement for design, examination, rejection and reporting of in-service inspection of lifting equipment.

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Course Objective

At the end of this Lifting Equipment Inspection training, participants shall have knowledge of:

  • Definition, Legislation, regulations and prevailing standards governing the lifting equipment inspection.
  • Different materials used in the manufacture of lifting equipment.
  • Stress and strain [Force Influences] that can occur in lifting equipment.
  • Different methods of selection, examination and testing of various items of lifting equipment.
  • Statutory reporting and certificate of Lifting Equipment.
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Lifting Equipment Inspection Course Outline
  • Definitions
  • Law and Standards
  • Legal Requirements (Health & Safety at Work Act), PUWER, LOLER, European Directives, Supply of Machinery (Safety) Regulations.
  • Principles for Selection of Lifting Equipment
  • Marking, Storage & Handling
  • In-service Inspections
  • Materials used in lifting equipment
  • Force influences in lifting equipment
  • Inspection of lifting gear – Explanation, Demonstration & Imitation, Examination of black museum samples identifying faults, wear and common malpractice etc.
  • Videos – Slinging Safely & Chain Slings
  • Examination of lifting Equipment
  • Statutory Certificates & Reporting
  • A practical assessment of lifting equipment inspection carried out on prepared samples followed by group discussion
  • Group workshop

Candidates are assessed both theoretically and practically in the course of the training against the requisite course objectives.

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