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Introductory Well Control

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Course Details

This course is designed for graduates of any discipline willing to build a drilling career, roughnecks, Derick men and anyone attending formal well control training for the first time.


The content is intended to prepare candidates for higher level well control courses and candidates are required to complete an accredited training course prior to being assessed through a written test.


Course Duration: 5 days

Course Content

Candidates may experience a Combined Surface and Subsea operations in the compulsory test papers.



  • Blowout preventers
  • BOP control systems
  • Chokes and manifolds
  • Auxiliary equipment


Principles and procedures

  • Shaker house operations, mud pit management, trip tank management. Leak-off test/MAASP.
  • Primary well control, causes of kicks, normal and abnormal pressures, gas cutting, lost circulation, kicks as a result of surface initiated actions.
  • Kicks while drilling: – early warning signs, positive kick signs, kick while tripping.
  • Shut in procedures.
  • Well control methods.
  • Kill sheet exercises.
  • Well control management.


Course Objectives

At the end of the programme, delegate should be able to:

  • Communicate as appropriate with the Supervisor
  • Recognize a drilling break and positive kick
  • Perform the shut-in within the shortest possible time in accordance with a selected Procedure
  • Bring the pump up to kill speed whilst maintaining constant bottom hole pressure

The course assessment is only through a written test; however, practical familiarization of a drilling operation using a drilling simulator will be carried out by each candidate.

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Upon completion of the training, candidates will be presented with IADC/IWCF Certificates with their names and Certificate numbers registered on IADC & IWCF headquaters in Houston, USA and in the UK.