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UHP Water Blasting

IRATA | NACE Member 

Our UHP Water Blasting service is a viable alternative to grit blasting with no cleanup costs, no dust and environmentally friendly.

JCI’s UHP equipment can remove extreme corrosion, epoxy paint, paint coatings, concrete etc. at high pressures and it’s the preferred method of surface preparation on offshore gas platforms and petrochemical plants. Our system utilizes water pressure up to 40,000 psi to transfer energy to a work surface.

Various adaptors can be fitted to enable pipe cleaning, tube bundle cleaning, concrete cutting and interval tank cleaning on or offshore.

We have over 15 teams of IRATA Qualified rope access technicians who have several years of blasting and painting experiences on ropes at different shipyard and onboard different offshore vessels. A team comprises of three men of IRATA certified levels 1, 2 and 3 who are conversant with UHP water blasting equipment use and IRATA codes of practice for workplace safety.

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