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Hot Oil & Lube Oil Flushing


JC International perform a thorough internal system inspection to then design the most effective flushing program for that particular customer system.

The long term Integrity of any hydraulic oil, lube oil or seal oil system is dependent on ensuring that particle and water contamination is removed from the system tanks and pipework before it is put into operation. System bearing and seal life is substantially reduced and bearing temperatures can rise to dangerous levels, leading to fire risk when this flushing is not done correctly. Our bespoke design technique has been shown to provide significant time and cost savings to the customer through the elimination of unnecessary fluid circulation. The flushing fluid viscosity is reduced and circulated in forward and reverse directions at high flowrates, designed to ensure turbulent flow at all times. This viscous flushing fluid is constantly filtered through banks of nominal and absolute filters to remove particulate as required to meet the relevant cleanliness criteria.