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Ultrasonic Testing

SNT Level II | III UT Technicians Provider  

Ultrasonic Testing uses sound waves of short wavelength and high frequency to detect flaws or measure material thickness as an NDT method. Ultrasonic Testing is used to test welds, castings and wrought products such as rolled plate or forgings.

The detection and location of discontinuities is enabled by the interpretation of ultrasonic wave reflections generated by a transducer. Information from ultrasonic inspection can be presented in a number of formats:

  • A-Scan displays the amount of received ultrasonic energy as a function of time

  • B-Scan displays a profile view (cross-sectional) of a specimen

  • C-Scan displays a plan type view of the specimen & discontinuities

    • The relationship of flaw size, flaw distance and flaw reflectivity are complex and considerable skill is required to interpret the display. With over 10 years of experience in this field we are able to understand and give actual interpretation of inspection exercise.

      We have available more than thirty (30) experienced UT technicians that are SNT Level II Ultrasonic Testing qualified in compliance with SNT-TC-1A. As a minimum, all JCI ultrasonic testing inspection engineers have more than one NDT qualification.


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