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Magnetic Particle Inspection

SNT Level II | III MPI Technicians Provider  

Magnetic Particle Inspection otherwise known as MPI is a method that can be used to find surface and near surface flaws in ferromagnetic materials such as steel and iron it is primarily used for crack detection.

Magnetic particle testing works by magnetizing a ferromagnetic specimen using a magnet or special magnetizing equipment. If the specimen has discontinuity, the magnetic field flowing through the specimen is interrupted and leakage field occurs. Finely milled iron particles coated with a dye pigment are applied to the specimen. These are attracted to leakage fields and cluster to form an indication directly over the discontinuity. The indication is visually detected under proper lighting conditions

The basic procedure that is followed to perform magnetic particle testing consists of the following:

  1. Pre-cleaning of component

  2. Introduction of Magnetic field

  3. Application of magnetic media

  4. Interpretation of magnetic particle indications our experienced and qualified NDT inspector.

We have available more than 45 NDT technicians qualified to SNT Level II in Magnetic Particle Testing (MT) in compliance with SNT-TC-1A. As a minimum, every one of our MPI inspection engineers has more than one NDT qualification.


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