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Eddy Current Testing

SNT Level II | III ET Technicians Provider  

Eddy Current testing uses the principals of electromagnetism as the basis for conducting inspections. When alternating current is applied to a conductor a magnetic field develops in and around the conductor.

Most of our customers are consistently opting for Eddy current testing due to inherent benefit of non-requirement of paint removal prior carrying out inspection on a system which is a drawback in the conventional NDT method of MPI. Eddy current testing eliminates the need of surface preparation and saves lot of time in paint removal and re-application of paint post inspection. Typical site applications include inspection of crane jibs, pedestals, pad-eyes (pre and post loading), drilling derrick substructures and wind turbine towers.

Eddy Current Testing is sensitive to small cracks and other defects. Inspection gives immediate results and detects surface and near surface defects.

JC International uses the latest sets of state of the art Eddy Current Testing for inspection.

As this is an advanced NDT method of inspection, skill and experience are required. With over 10 years of experience in this field we are able to understand the inspection readings.

We have available more than twenty (20) experienced ET technicians that are SNT Level II Eddy Current Testing qualified in compliance with SNT-TC-1A. As a minimum, all JCI Eddy Current inspection engineers have more than one NDT qualification.


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