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How to use Rope Slings Safely

How to use Rope Slings Safely

how to use rope slings safely


Wire rope slings are important lifting accessories used in lifting operations. They are commonly used across different industries especially when rigging a load. Care and safe use of wire rope slings is an absolute necessity to ensure maintenance.


Here are 11 main points for the safe use of wire rope slings.

    1. Do not attempt lifting operations unless you understand the use of the equipment, the slinging procedures and the mode factors to be applied.

    2. Do not use defective slings or accessories.

    3. Do not force, hammer or wedge slings or fittings into position. They must fit freely. Check to ensure correct engagement of fittings and appliances.

    4. Position hooks of multi-leg slings facing outward from the load. Do not lift on the point of a hook.

    5. Ensure that the wire rope is not twisted or knotted.

    6. Ensure the effective diameter of pins, hooks etc upon which soft eyes fit is at least 2 x the wire rope diameter.

    7. Position the splices of endless slings in the standing part of the sling away from hooks and fittings.

    8. Never join wire rope slings made from different lays of rope together as this will cause them to un-lay thus seriously affecting their capacity.

    9. Back hook free legs to the masterlink to avoid lashing legs which might accidentally become engaged or otherwise become a hazard.

    10. Take the load steadily and avoid shock loads

    11. Do not leave suspended loads unattended. In an emergency cordon off the area or contact JC International: Lagos: 0805 519 2672, Port Harcourt: 0805 599 9315

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