• Selection, Inspection, and Safe Use of Shackles

    Selection, Inspection, and Safe Use of Shackles Lifting operations do have the potential to cause incidents, from uncontrolled movement of loads and dropped objects impacting people, assets, and the environment in proximity of the operation. The management of all rigging and lifting operations by appropriately trained, qualified and experienced personnel is a statutory/legislative requirement. Safety of
  • Proof Load Testing The What, Why, When and How?

      Proof Load Testing The What, Why, When and How? Proof load test, proof test, overload test, and load testing are often terms that are used interchangeably in the industry but whilst the former 2 describes the scope definition, the latter 2 describes it as a process. The What:   In simple terms, a proof
  • Rigging Loft Controller Training

    Rigging Loft Controller Training The Key to Safe Management of Rigging Lofts   The rigging and lifting equipment used to conduct a variety of operations both onshore and offshore must be correctly managed and controlled throughout these operations. Rigging and lifting equipment must also be correctly inspected before and after operations to ensure there is no damage and confirm
  • Safe use of Lifting Equipment Training

      Safe use of Lifting Equipment Training The Golden Rule for Mechanical Handling & Lifting Working with any lifting equipment can be dangerous because equipment with moving parts can cause injuries in many ways: People can be hit and injured by moving/rotating parts of machinery or dropped material. Parts of the body can also be
  • Crane Supervisor Training

      Crane Supervisor Training Acquisition of Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities required for Responsible Supervision of Crane Lifting Operations   The Lifting Operations Lifting Equipment Regulation 8 (1) (a), deals with the safety of the actual lifting operation and stipulates what must be done before, during and after the lift. The crucial part of the regulation
  • Banksman and Slinger Training

    Banksman and Slinger Training Effective partnership that guarantees efficient operations   Critical to safe crane and lifting operations is the Banksman and Slinger role. The Banksman role is primarily to relay instructions to the crane operator during lifting operations and the Slinger role is to prepare and sling loads for lifting and release the loads
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